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2016-17 PECF End of Year Report Guidance

2016-17 PECF Progress Report Template





2015-16 Equality Fund Outcomes 

A combilation of all the Equality funded projects’ outcomes have been pulled into a framework. The are aligned with the four broad Fund outcomes and linked to the Scottish Government Equality Outcomes that contribute to the National Performance Framework.

The diagram demonstrates the collective impact of the Equalities Fund in 2015-16. Its building blocks are outcomes, showing how project outcomes link to the high-level Equalities Fund outcomes, and how these in turn impact on the National Performance Framework. It was created from the bottom up by clustering together the outcomes from funded project, and from the top down by asking what the Equalities Fund outcomes would look like in practice. In other words, project outcomes are useful indicators of the extent to which programme outcomes have been achieved. In this way, each funded project can see (and evidence) their distinct contribution to a collective whole. The collective impact of the funding programme is therefore more clearly visible for VAF and Scottish Government.

Reading from the bottom up, the framework’s foundations are made of cross-cutting outcomes relating to engagement, prevention and better use of resources (including those developed from the previous Fund 2012-15).  Above these, a number of project outcomes contribute to removing barriers and increasing community capacity. These in turn improve participation and involvement and build social capital – a distinct feature of the way VAF adds value to this and other funding programmes. The framework then shows the ways that this leads to people and communities being better represented in economic and civic activity. From there, poverty, inequalities, discrimination and hate crime can be reduced or tackled. The framework can be found here.