Violence Against Women & Girls Programme

Quarter 3 Reporting

The deadline for the Violence Against Women and Girls Programmes 2016/17 Quarter 3 Finance report is Friday 7th April 2017.  Your Compliance Officer will forward a locked copy of the finance reporting template for completion in due course.

Please note that for the year 2016-17, projects funded under the Violence against Women and Girls fund; the Children’s Services Fund; and Rape Crisis Specific Fund will not be expected to submit a progress report at 6 months, as in previous years.  Instead the VAWG team will be piloting a social capital based approach to reporting – this involves a more informal process of capturing your progress via a face to face meeting.

Your Development Officer will be in touch soon to tell you more about the process and to arrange a project visit sometime in December 2016 – Feb 2017. As a follow up to this meeting, your Development Officer will provide you with a written report which you will approve as an agreed record of your progress. The aim is to reduce the burden of reporting on funded organisations, to identify the most appropriate methods to support you and to make the reporting process more meaningful. We will be evaluating how successful this approach has been with a view to rolling it out more permanently within the VAWG Programme and across other Programmes managed by VAF.

You will still be required to complete an End of Fund Report for completion by 14 July 2017. The format of this will not change from the agreed format approved by the Monitoring and Evaluation Champions Working Group.

For a list of all reporting dates please click here.

You can find a range of evaluation guides, tools and resources on every aspect of evaluation on the Evaluation Support Scotland website

Finance Reports

All funded projects will receive a finance form from the VAWG team. Please ensure that you use this document when submitting your quarterly finances. 

Monitoring & Evaluation Working Group

VAF's VAWG team would like to thank the M&E working group for helping to plan and facilitate the Capturing the Change event in March. People clearly appreciated the opportunity to provide VAF with feedback and to network with colleagues.  We now have a great deal of interesting and constructive feedback which will be invaluable to us as we plan development support for the VAWG Programme in 2015-16.