What we do

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Grant Making, Development Support, Unlocking Social Capital

VAF’s core work is making grants to the third sector.  Our grants fall into two main categories: those that VAF manages on behalf of other funders and those that are open for application.  VAF currently manages:

  • The Promoting Equality and Cohesion Fund (click here for further information)
  • The Tackling Sectarianism Fund (click here for further information)
  • The Violence Against Women and Girls Funds (click here for further information)
  • The Glasgow Third Sector Transformation Fund (click here for further information)
  • The Social Isolation and Loneliness Fund (click here for further information)
  • A range of Community Grants and Engagement Funds

Investing in our Communities

VAF's unique asset-based approach provides "more than just money" to community groups and voluntary organisations.  By not only investing money, but by increasing capacity and building relationships, we help to unlock social capital - delivering positive, sustainable benefits to communities.

Developing Social Capital

For over 30 years VAF has been leading the way in developing innovative approaches to grant making.  We recognise Social Capital as a vital community resource - the networks, shared understanding, norms and values, trust and reciprocity which underpin the development of civil society.  VAF’s approach has always been to help people help themselves and has a long history of bringing funded projects together for shared learning, working collaboratively with Government and supporting organisations to engage with their service users and respective communities to identify need, evaluate their impact and improve projects.  VAF has a strategic partnership with Assist Social Capital,  Edinburgh.  Please click here to read more.